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AAIA’s 27th Annual Conference 2016
The Highcliff Marriott Hotel, Bournemouth

Thursday October 6th – Saturday October 8th 2016

AAIA three day conference programme 2016

Three day conference application form 2016

One day open conference – Friday 7th October 2016
(open to non-members)

One day open conference 2016 – programme

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One day open conference application form 2016

Latest News and Developments

Wilshaw: ‘Stop moaning about testing and bring back Sats for 14-year-olds’

TES – The head of Ofsted has warned against ‘moaning and whingeing’ about national tests, and called for the return of the exams for 14-year-olds, in a bid to stretch the most able students.

No room for manoeuvre on ‘essential’ national tests

TESS – Standardised assessments must be brought in, despite teachers’ qualms, John Swinney tells EIS conference. The Scotsman – John Swinney tells teachers not to fear Scots test shake-up.

Petition over ‘unfair’ A-level biology exam gains thousands of signatures

TES – Pupils claim yesterday’s exam covered hardly any of the content they had studied.

Maths associations urge Nicky Morgan to think again over Year 7 resit tests

TES – An influential group of maths experts has warned Nicky Morgan against introducing Sats ‘resit tests’ in Year 7 for fear it will undermine pupils’ ‘confidence and mathematical understanding’.

Thousands sign petition to ditch Sats resits plan

TES News – Retesting Year 7 pupils would ‘reinforce a language of failure’ at a young age, warn online campaigners.  A petition against government plans to force children to resit their Sats tests at secondary school has attracted nearly 3,000 signatures.