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Latest News and Developments

Sats: DfE says similarities between reading paper and revision guide will not compromise the test

TES News – Themes in the revision guide and the real test were “broadly similar” but questions were different, claim officials.  The Department for Education has moved to quell concerns that the key stage 2 reading test may have been compromised by its similarity to a previously published revision guide.

Nearly 100 people accessed leaked Sats answers, minister says

The Guardian – Schools minister vows to track down person responsible for alerting media after answers to key stage 2 spelling and grammar test were posted online. See also Sats test paper ‘leaked by rogue marker.

Sats test paper ‘leaked by rogue marker’

BBC News Education – A “rogue marker” leaked a test the day before it was taken on Tuesday by children aged 10 and 11 in England, the Department for Education has said. TES News – Sats test leak investigation will ‘identify the culprit’, Nick Gibb tells MPs. GOV.UK – Key stage 2 tests: oral statement. GOV.UK – Statement from […]

Students reduced to tears over ‘hardest’ tests

The Telegraph – Primary school children were left in tears after taking ‘one of the hardest’ tests teachers have ever seen.

Primary pupils ‘feel test pressure’ – survey

BBC News Education – Nearly 90% of 10- and 11-year old pupils in England feel pressure to do well in tests, a survey suggests.