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Latest News and Developments

Migrants ‘do not lower school results’

BBC News Education – Migrants ‘do not lower school results’. OECD – Can schools help to integrate immigrants?

Ministers consider the return of key stage 1 national tests

TES News – Ministers are to consider the introduction of more “rigorous” assessments for seven-year-olds, including a possible return to national testing. BBC News Education – Morgan: Tougher tests and top teachers in weak schools. The Telegraph – All test scores from seven-year-olds ‘to be sent to government’, under plans being considered.  Review to be announced […]

Tories to water down pledge to make EBac compulsory for all

TES News – Ministers have watered down their policy of requiring all secondary students to sit GCSEs in the core academic subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate.

Ministers consider national tests for seven-year-olds

The Guardian – Ministers are considering more rigorous assessments for seven-year-olds – including the reintroduction of national tests – as part of an overhaul of primary school appraisal to being announced by education secretary Nicky Morgan.

Is Britain Fairer? The state of equality and human rights 2015

Equality and Human Rights Commission – In 2010, the Commission produced its first report on equality (How Fair is Britain?) and separate report on human rights (the Human Rights Review) in 2012. Is Britain Fairer? is the Commission’s follow-up report on both equality and human rights. This report outlines our findings and sets out the challenges […]