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Assessment of Learning

Technology Enhanced Assessment

University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education – How the potential of digital technologies can best support improved assessment practices and preferred educational outcomes is becoming an issue of increasing importance.  An acknowledgement of the potential that digital technologies offer should recognise the complexity of the task, the many factors affecting successful educational change, and […]

Head teachers plan for new pupil-assessment systems

BBC News Education – Head teachers’ leaders have outlined what they think schools in England should do once the national system for measuring pupils’ performance is scrapped. NAHT – Report of the NAHT Commision on Assessment February 2014.

Prep schools provide four times more grammar school entrants than FSM pupils

Sutton Trust – More than four times as many grammar school pupils come from outside the state sector – with the vast majority likely to be from fee-paying preparatory schools – than the number entitled to free school meals, new Sutton Trust research shows. Sutton Trust – Poor Grammar: Entry into Grammar Schools for disadvantaged […]

Schools in England can take their own global Pisa tests

BBC News Education – Individual secondary schools in England will be able to take influential international tests to see how they compare with the highest performing schools in Asia and Europe.

‘Childhood damaged’ by over-testing, says poet laureate

BBC News Education – Children in England’s schools are being damaged by a culture of “incessant testing”, says a group of academics and writers, including poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

Confidence, not peer pressure, is key to success at school, say researchers

Guardian Education – Study finds competition in the classroom can affect results of lower-ranking pupils. The Telegraph -Weakest pupils ‘suffer crisis of confidence in top schools’. Centre for Economic Performance – The Importance of Rank Position.

DfE’s primary accountability proposals are deeply flawed: Colin Richards, former HMI

TES article – Despite warranted scepticism about the genuineness of the Department for Education’s so-called “consultations”, all those who are concerned with the future of English primary education need to respond to the current proposals on primary accountability by the deadline of October 11.

Pen and paper exams ‘to be axed within a decade’

The Telegraph- Traditional pen and paper exams will die out within the next 10 years amid a dramatic shift towards online assessment, according to a private schools’ leader. The Independent – GCSEs and A-levels ‘will be taken online within 10 years’.

Google Glass creator says ‘fear-based’ testing regimes block technology

Guardian Education  – The scientist behind Google Glass wearable technology has criticised the use of restrictive and “fear-based” testing regimes in education, describing a lack of innovation in the system as a crisis.

Pupils who switch schools in-year do worse in exams

Guardian Education – Children who change schools during their primary or secondary education do worse in exams than peers who do not, research has revealed. RSA -Between the Cracks: Exploring in-year admissions in schools in England.

Seeing red over ‘good marks’

TES letter – from Professor Bill Boyle, Chair of educational assessment, University of Manchester.

Five-year-olds could face national tests

Guardian Education – Children as young as five could face formal classroom tests under proposals unveiled by Nick Clegg.

Your number’s up if you don’t embrace the data

TES editorial – The pressures on schools to make sure that they bank the best possible exam results are now so intense that students are often thought of as statistics first and people second. When the stakes are so high, the temptation to obsess about targets and neglect nurturing isn’t surprising. Humanity has to intrude […]

How would your school compare with the world’s best?

TES article – England could become the first country where schools with 15-year-old students can benchmark their achievements against those of the highest-performing nations in the world.  New tests based on the influential Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa), which is used to assess the educational performance of entire jurisdictions, are being prepared for the […]

Synergies for Better Learning: An International Perspective on Evaluation and Assessment

OECD – How can assessment and evaluation policies work together more effectively to improve student outcomes in primary and secondary schools?  This report provides an international comparative analysis and policy advice to countries on how evaluation and assessment arrangements can be embedded within a consistent framework to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school […]