Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage

DfE – Tickell EYFS Review.

DfE EYFS Review – The Early Years: Foundations for life, health and learning, an independent report on the early years foundation stage.

DfE EYFS Review – The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Review: Report on the Evidence.

DfE Press Release – Early Years Foundation Stage to be radically slimmed down.

Tickell review AAIA response.

TES article – Phonics knocked off perch by official review.  The role of phonics in teaching early-years children to read should be downgraded, according to a major Government-commissioned review.

DfE news – Dame Clare Tickell responds to inaccurate reports about her review of the EYFS.

TES article – Four for the future: how Tickell’s early-years vision will take shape.

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