Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


GOV.UK – Phonics screening check: 2016 materials.


TES News – Pass mark for this year’s phonics test revealed.

GOV.UK – Phonics screening check: administration.

GOV.UK – Scoring guidance, pupils’ materials and answer sheet for the 2015 phonics screening check.

GOV.UK – Research into the effectiveness of schools’ phonics teaching practices.


GOV.UK – 2014 results for phonics screening check and assessments at key stage 1, including breakdowns by pupil characteristics.

GOV.UK – Information about the 2014 phonics threshold mark.


BBC News Education – The new phonics tests for six-year-olds in England is successfully identifying children who struggle to read, but is no more informative than existing teacher assessment, research suggests.

University of Oxford – The phonics screening check introduced by the coalition government last year does identify school children in Year 1 who may be falling behind in learning to read, but is not really more informative than teacher assessments already in place.

DfE Teaching and learning – Phonics screening check materials 2013.


DfE News – National, regional and local authority results for the Year 1 phonics reading check and Key Stage 1 results.

GOV.UK – This Statistical First Release (SFR) provides provisional 2011/2012 information on the achievements of both eligible pupils in the phonics screening check and those pupils at the end of Key Stage 1 (KS1) in their National Curriculum teacher assessments.

DfE Teaching and learning – Phonics screening check materials.

GOV.UK – Key stage 1 phonics screening check: monitoring visits guidance and form.

TES article – Many say it revealed little that teachers did not already know.

TES article – The high pass mark for the Year 1 check is causing disquiet.

DfE Teaching and Learning – Assessment and reporting arrangements: Year 1 phonics check.

Year 1 phonics screening check – sample materials.

2011 pilot

DfE news – Schools Minister Nick Gibb today said that the Government was “unashamedly ambitious” in its bid to drive up the standard of children’s reading.

BBC Education News – Two-thirds ‘fail new primary phonics reading check’.

An open letter to the Secretary of State for Education.

UK Literacy Association – Latest news on UKLA’s campaign against phonics test for 6 year olds.

BBC News – The government’s new reading test for six-year-olds is a waste of money that will not identify youngsters’ needs, experts have warned.

Year 1 phonics screening check – Framework for pilot in 2011.

TES article – About 10,000 five and six-year-olds took the phonics screening check this week, amid mounting criticisms of the policy.

TES article – More than three-quarters of parents are not aware of a new reading test for primary children set to be introduced across the country next year.

TES article – Parliamentary pressure is growing against the Government’s plans for a national phonics tests for all six-year-olds. Both the former and current chairs of the Commons education select committee have demanded changes to the proposal to screen children’s phonic ability in a 10-minute test during Year 1.

TES article – The cost of piloting controversial new reading tests for all pupils at the end of Year 1 is being kept secret by the Government.

TES article – Phonics expert labels Year 1 test plans ‘a waste of money’.

TES letter – Nonsense words spell a nonsensical future.

AAIA Response to Y1 Phonics Screening Check Consultation.

DfE news – announcement of plans and public consultation for a phonics-based progress check in Year 1.


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