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Select a Subscription Plan

We have the following three subscription options available. To join or renew simply click on one of the Add to Cart button below and then complete the checkout procedure.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to all those with a professional interest in assessment. Individual members subscribe to AAIA principles, pay the full subscription rate and receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the Association’s website including the members’ only section
  • Inclusion in all communications sent to members
  • A free copy of each hard copy publication in print*
  • Invitations to regional meetings including access to all good practice materials circulated at regional level and to any cross authority moderation activities
  • Access to the annual conference
  • Attendance at the AGM with voting rights.

Individual Membership £80 Annually  

£80.00 Add to basket

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to Multi Academy Trusts and other federations of schools. Membership includes all the schools within the group and any school that joins the group during the period of annual membership.

Corporate membership is also open to local authorities, consultancies, university departments or other organisations employing or contracting with a number of individuals engaged in educational assessment related issues.

The organisation will be asked to specify a single e mail address which will be used as the point of contact between the Association and the organisation.

All benefits are as those for individual members but include the opportunity to send up to four representatives to regional meetings, the annual member conference and any other events, on payment of the appropriate delegate fee where one applies. Access to the members’ section of the Association website is through a single login provided to the organisation.

Corporate Membership £320 Annually  

£320.00 Add to basket

School Membership

Membership may be held by a school on behalf of its staff.  The requirements and benefits of membership are as above, but the school designates a representative to attend regional meetings and feed back.  This responsibility could rest with one individual or be shared at the discretion of the member school.  For regional conferences, one member from the school would pay the rate for members (if any) and the others would pay the full rate.

School Membership £160 Annually 

£160.00 Add to basket