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  1. Just proving I’ve logged on, as I’m a bit annoyed with myself for neglecting to do so after all the hard work that went into the site.

    A few people asked about the AifL site in Scotland. Ours is not to question why but it’s been archived by LTS. Carolyn Hutchinson has forwarded the following urls:

    The home page is

    which is where I go, then navigate as before. I’m told you also get to find the archive if you use the search box in the new LTS one stop shop website.

    Thanks for a great conference. Lots to think about. Myra

  2. Myra

    It was good to meet you at Newcastle. Thanks for registering on the site and thanks for the links that Carolyn has provided. I will have a look at these and put them on the site.

    Best wishes


  3. Have we any documentation on writing assessment policies?



  4. Hi Robin

    You might find the AAIA publication “Guidelines for Asseessment Leaders” useful.

    Elizabeth Lewin

  5. Hi

    There is a regional meeting tomorrow and I need to give my apologies as I am now unable to attend. I do not know who to contact. My email contacts list has let me down. I am with the London Region.

    Nuala McNeely

    Monday 6th December

  6. Sorry Nuala but I have only just seen your message. If it is not too late, you need to contact Mary Jones at

    Best wishes

    David Bartlett

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