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England’s schools succeed in problem-solving test

BBC News Education – England’s teenagers are “significantly above average” in problem-solving skills, according to the results of international tests.  After many disappointments in international school tests, these latest global rankings from the OECD put England in 11th place.

The Telegraph – OECD international league tables, published today, show that England is ranked 11th in the world based on performance in problem-solving.

OECD – Singapore and Korea top OECD’s first PISA problem-solving test.

Reforming assessment and accountability for primary schools

GOV.UK  – Government response to consultation on primary school assessment and accountability.

BBC News Education – Primary school tests to be toughened, says minister.

The Telegraph – Four-year-olds to be tested within days of starting school.

Guardian Education – Schools will be allowed to test four-year-olds from 2016, government confirms.

TES News – Tests for four-year-olds to be introduced by 2016.



Current exams system will stay, vows O’Dowd

Belfast Telegraph – Schools in Northern Ireland are to go it alone after Stormont Education Minister John O’Dowd decided against introducing changes to GCSE and A-Levels in line with England and Wales.

School curriculum and assessment review to be led by Graham Donaldson

BBC News Education – A review of the school curriculum and assessment in Wales has been announced by the education minister.

More than a quarter of Shanghai pupils missed by international Pisa rankings

TES News – The man behind the influential international league table that placed Shanghai above all other school systems has revealed that his study does not include results of more than a quarter of pupils in the Chinese city.

Pupils with English as a second language ‘outperform native speakers’

The Telegraph – Department for Education figures show that pupils who have English as a second language are more likely to gain the “English Baccalaureate” than native speakers.

The Independent – Students with English as a second language ‘outperform native speakers’ in GCSEs.

GOV.UK – GCSE and equivalent attainment by pupil characteristics.

Head teachers plan for new pupil-assessment systems

BBC News Education – Head teachers’ leaders have outlined what they think schools in England should do once the national system for measuring pupils’ performance is scrapped.

NAHT – Report of the NAHT Commision on Assessment February 2014.

Reception children to face compulsory tests from 2016

Guardian Education – Four and five-year-olds to face basic literacy and reasoning tests within weeks of starting school.

The Telegraph – Children of four to sit tests within first few weeks of starting school.

BBC News Education – Gove wants formal assessments for four and five-year-olds.

Ministers set to decide on testing for four-year-olds

TES News – The decision on whether all four-year-olds should be tested when they join reception year will be announced “very soon”, a conference in London heard today (30th January 2014).

National curriculum and assessment: information for schools

GOV.UK – DfE information for schools (28 January 2014) on changes to the National Curriculum from September 2014.

Secondary School Performance Tables 2013

GOV.UK – Number of pupils taught in underperforming secondary schools falls by almost 250,000 in 4 years.

DfE Data, research and statistics – On 23 January, we published the 2013 Secondary School and College Performance Tables.

DfE School Performance Tables – Key Stage 4 2013 results.

BBC News Education – England’s school league tables: More meet government targets.

Guardian Education – More schools in England meeting minimum standards.

The Telegraph – Secondary school league tables: 250,000 children saved from bad comprehensives.

TES – School league tables: Fewer children taught in underperfoming secondaries.


GCSE league tables: 150,000 pupils in failing schools

The Telegraph – Secondary school league tables to be published next week will show that almost 200 English comprehensives teaching 150,000 pupils are failing to hit basic GCSE targets.

School league tables in England to be changed

BBC News Education – England’s secondary school league tables are to be split for the first time to separate A-levels from vocational qualifications.

The Telegraph – DfE: ‘no hiding place’ for schools in new-style league tables.

Shaping the New Language of Assessment – face the future with confidence!

South West AAIA Conference 2014 - following last year’s very succesful conference, this year’s South West conference entitled  ‘Shaping the New Language of Assessment – face the future with confidence!’ is taking place in Bristol on 6th March.  Follow the link for the conference flyer and application form.

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‘Tech levels’ backed by industry unveiled

BBC News Education – A range of A-level standard “Tech level” qualifications, ranging from motorcycle maintenance to craft baking, has been announced in England.

GOV.UK – Written statement to Parliament: Technical and vocational education.

GOV.UK – Firms back Tech Levels – helping students compete in global race.

GOV.UK – New engineering qualifications for 14- to 16-year-olds.