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Open letter to Michael Gove: ‘Why the Year 1 phonics check must go’

TES Opinion – a letter from a coalition of leading educationalists, organised by the UK Literacy Association.

Must do better? Black pupils did, with best improvement in exams

The IndependentBlack pupils have achieved the biggest rise in test and exam results of any ethnic group in the country, according to new statistics.

GOV.UK - The latest figures show how the government’s education reforms are raising standards among black pupils more quickly than any other ethnic group.

Schools told: GCSE and A-level grades may drop in 2014

The Telegraph – Ofqual, the exams watchdog, writes to every school and college in England, warning them to expect “more variable” results in GCSEs and A-levels this summer following major changes to the qualifications system.

The Independent – Exam reforms could mean worse-than-expected GCSE and A-level grades.

Ofqual – Summer 2014 exams.

Schools and business launch ‘fair education’ alliance

BBC News Education – A campaign to tackle educational inequality is being launched by an alliance of employers, teachers’ organisations and children’s charities.  The Fair Education Alliance will set goals such as narrowing the gap in literacy and maths between rich and poor and in different parts of England.

Secondary schools can opt in to progress 8 measures in 2015

GOV.UK – Mainstream maintained schools, academies and free schools can now choose to adopt the new performance measures a year early in 2015.

GOV.UK - Information for schools about the progress 8 measure to be introduced in 2016, along with the terms and conditions for opting in from 2015.

UK ‘second best education in Europe’

GOV.UK – The UK is in second place among European countries and sixth overall in a global education league table.  South Korea is top, with three other Asian countries and Finland making up the top five, in rankings from education and publishing firm, Pearson.

Poor white British boys and girls educationally underperforming

House of Commons Select Committee for Education – The Education Committee publishes its report on Underachievement of White Working Class Children.

BBC News Education – Poor white pupils ‘need best teachers and long days’.

The Telegraph – Longer school day needed for working-class pupils, say MPs.

Global school tests under attack as OECD accused of killing ‘joy of learning’

Guardian Education – Leading academics from 12 countries including UK call for next round of OECD Pisa tests on 15-year-olds to be scrapped.

Thousands of pupils sit new National 5 exams

BBC News Education – Thousands of students across Scotland have sat the first exams for the new National 5 qualifications.

Teachers call for boycott of tests for four year olds

BBC News Education – Teachers have moved nearer a boycott of tests for four-year-old pupils, set to be introduced in England’s primary schools in 2016.

England’s schools succeed in problem-solving test

BBC News Education – England’s teenagers are “significantly above average” in problem-solving skills, according to the results of international tests.  After many disappointments in international school tests, these latest global rankings from the OECD put England in 11th place.

The Telegraph – OECD international league tables, published today, show that England is ranked 11th in the world based on performance in problem-solving.

OECD – Singapore and Korea top OECD’s first PISA problem-solving test.

Reforming assessment and accountability for primary schools

GOV.UK  – Government response to consultation on primary school assessment and accountability.

BBC News Education – Primary school tests to be toughened, says minister.

The Telegraph – Four-year-olds to be tested within days of starting school.

Guardian Education – Schools will be allowed to test four-year-olds from 2016, government confirms.

TES News – Tests for four-year-olds to be introduced by 2016.



Current exams system will stay, vows O’Dowd

Belfast Telegraph – Schools in Northern Ireland are to go it alone after Stormont Education Minister John O’Dowd decided against introducing changes to GCSE and A-Levels in line with England and Wales.

School curriculum and assessment review to be led by Graham Donaldson

BBC News Education – A review of the school curriculum and assessment in Wales has been announced by the education minister.

More than a quarter of Shanghai pupils missed by international Pisa rankings

TES News – The man behind the influential international league table that placed Shanghai above all other school systems has revealed that his study does not include results of more than a quarter of pupils in the Chinese city.