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Hundreds of ‘coasting’ schools to be transformed

GOV.UK – Government sets out the definition of a ‘coasting’ school.

National tests could return for infant pupils

TES News – Government considers plans to replace teacher assessment of KS1.

New era for Ofsted inspection

GOV.UK – Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector confirms the biggest changes to education inspection for more than 2 decades.

New Ofsted Inspection Framework and Handbook

Ofsted – The common inspection framework: education, skills and early years (with effect from September 2015).

Ofsted – School inspection handbook (with effect from September 2015).

Pupils could be given ‘wrong’ marks for Sats

TES News – Pupils are at risk of receiving unfair and incorrect marks for their Sats exams this summer because of problems caused by the introduction of an online marking system, whistle-blowers have told TES.

Schools face downgrade under plans to target academic GCSEs

Guardian Education – The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, will this week announce plans to push pupils towards studying more academic GCSE qualifications by threatening to downgrade schools that fail to enrol pupils in the government’s English baccalaureate suite of subjects.

BBC News Education – Traditional GCSE subjects for all pupils.

Scotland to remain free of national primary testing

TES News – Fears that national testing might be reintroduced to Scottish primary schools have been allayed.

Missing Talent

The Sutton Trust – Every year there are high achievers at primary school, pupils scoring in the top 10% nationally in their Key Stage 2 (KS2) tests, yet who five years later receive a set of GCSE results that place them outside the top 25% of pupils.

TES News – One in three clever, poor boys fall behind at GCSE, research finds.

Teachers have ‘subconscious’ bias against poor pupils, study claims

TES News – Poor children are less likely to be considered bright by their teachers, according to new research.  Even when youngsters from lower income families perform as well as their classmates on independent tests, they are still less likely to be judged as “above average”, it suggests.

Institute of Education – Able pupils from poorer homes ‘less likely to be judged above average’, new research suggests.

Millenium Cohort Study – The first five surveys of the Millennium Cohort Study  – at ages 9 months and 3, 5, 7 and 11 years – have built up a uniquely detailed portrait of the children of the new century.

Asia tops biggest global school rankings

BBC News Education – The biggest ever global school rankings have been published, with Asian countries in the top five places and African countries at the bottom.

TES News – UK below Poland and Vietnam in biggest ever international education rankings.

Doncaster head teacher banned for changing SATs answers

BBC News Education – A head teacher who changed answers on pupils’ SATs test has been banned from the profession.

Pupils to sit new CfE Highers for first time

The Scotsman – Thousands of pupils are preparing to sit controversial new Higher qualifications for the first time as the exam period gets under way.

Morgan tells exam boards to protect Polish A-levels

BBC News Education – Education Secretary Nicky Morgan says a future Conservative government would “guarantee the future” of GCSEs and A-levels in minority languages such as Polish, Gujarati, Bengali and Turkish.

Labour could ditch GCSEs within 10 years, says Tristram Hunt

Guardian Education – Shadow education secretary wants to reform 14-19 education and create a single baccalaureate that puts academic and vocational qualifications on a par.

Atlanta teachers jailed for up to 7 years over test cheating

BBC News Education – A group of former teachers and school administrators in Atlanta, Georgia have been jailed for up to seven years for their involvement in a test cheating scandal