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Wilshaw: ‘Stop moaning about testing and bring back Sats for 14-year-olds’

TES – The head of Ofsted has warned against ‘moaning and whingeing’ about national tests, and called for the return of the exams for 14-year-olds, in a bid to stretch the most able students.

No room for manoeuvre on ‘essential’ national tests

TESS – Standardised assessments must be brought in, despite teachers’ qualms, John Swinney tells EIS conference.

The Scotsman – John Swinney tells teachers not to fear Scots test shake-up.

Petition over ‘unfair’ A-level biology exam gains thousands of signatures

TES – Pupils claim yesterday’s exam covered hardly any of the content they had studied.

Maths associations urge Nicky Morgan to think again over Year 7 resit tests

TES – An influential group of maths experts has warned Nicky Morgan against introducing Sats ‘resit tests’ in Year 7 for fear it will undermine pupils’ ‘confidence and mathematical understanding’.

Thousands sign petition to ditch Sats resits plan

TES News – Retesting Year 7 pupils would ‘reinforce a language of failure’ at a young age, warn online campaigners.  A petition against government plans to force children to resit their Sats tests at secondary school has attracted nearly 3,000 signatures.

Sats: DfE says similarities between reading paper and revision guide will not compromise the test

TES News – Themes in the revision guide and the real test were “broadly similar” but questions were different, claim officials.  The Department for Education has moved to quell concerns that the key stage 2 reading test may have been compromised by its similarity to a previously published revision guide.

Nearly 100 people accessed leaked Sats answers, minister says

The Guardian – Schools minister vows to track down person responsible for alerting media after answers to key stage 2 spelling and grammar test were posted online.

See also Sats test paper ‘leaked by rogue marker.

Sats test paper ‘leaked by rogue marker’

BBC News Education – A “rogue marker” leaked a test the day before it was taken on Tuesday by children aged 10 and 11 in England, the Department for Education has said.

TES News – Sats test leak investigation will ‘identify the culprit’, Nick Gibb tells MPs.

GOV.UK – Key stage 2 tests: oral statement.

GOV.UK – Statement from Jennifer Coupland, Standards and Testing Agency’s Chief Executive, about the key stage 2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test.

See also Nearly 100 people accessed leaked Sats answers, minister says.

Students reduced to tears over ‘hardest’ tests

The Telegraph – Primary school children were left in tears after taking ‘one of the hardest’ tests teachers have ever seen.

Primary pupils ‘feel test pressure’ – survey

BBC News Education – Nearly 90% of 10- and 11-year old pupils in England feel pressure to do well in tests, a survey suggests.

Parents keep children off school in test protest

BBC News Education – Numbers of parents have kept their children off school for the day in a protest about primary tests in England.  More than 40,000 parents have signed a petition calling for a boycott of primary school tests, which are due to be taken later this month.

TES News – Parents are right to take their children out of school today, children’s authors say.

The Independent – SATs strike: Parents to take children out of school in protest over ‘stressful’ Year 2 exams.

The Telegraph – Kids’ strike: Parents, teachers and Government must stop exploiting children for political gain – tests are meant to be difficult.

The Telegraph – ‘Politicians have ignored teachers’ views on testing and pupils are paying the price’.


Union calls for review of ‘chaotic’ primary assessment

TES News – NAHT president Kim Johnson will call it the “hokey cokey” of assessment at the union’s conference today.

BBC News Education – Primary testing regime chaotic, say head teachers.

Parents plan ‘stay at home’ school protest over Sats

BBC News Education – Thousands of parents in England plan to keep their children off school for a day next week in protest at tough new national tests, campaigners say.

TES News – Sats protest: thousands of parents to pull children out of school.

Statement from DfE about key stage 1 tests

GOV.UK – Schools Minister Nick Gibb’s statement following the accidental publication of a live key stage 1 (KS1) test.

GOV.UK – Statement from STA about key stage 1 tests.

STA – Statutory assessment update sent to schools  22 April 2016.

Sats primary school spelling test scrapped after blunder

BBC News Education – The government has been forced to cancel its controversial new spelling and grammar test after it was accidentally put online by officials.

TES News – Ministers scrap this year’s KS1 spelling punctuation and grammar test following online leak.

The Guardian – DfE withdraws spelling test after it accidentally appeared online.

The Telegraph – Government caves in to demands to scrap primary school spelling test after paper was leaked online .

TES News – Spag test leak makes a ‘mockery’ of the exam system, says teacher who discovered mistake.