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Annual Primary Assessment Cycle – revised Autumn 2014



This publication is an update of the annual assessment cycle in Guidelines for Assessment Leaders in Primary Schools.  It is free to download.

AAIA Annual Primary Assessment Cycle revised Autumn 2014.

Assessment – Keeping Learning on Track

Assessment - Keeping Learning on Track

A4 Leaflet, which opens out to an A3 all-colour summary giving guidance for schools in developing quality assessment processes.  Published jointly by the AAIA and Suffolk County Council.  Ideal for Inset sessions, staff meetings and supporting newly qualified teachers.

‘Experienced teachers as well as NQTs find this clear and succinct leaflet a valuable resource that they can return to time and time again.’  LA School Improvement Adviser

Format: Leaflet

Guidelines for Assessment Leaders in Secondary Schools

AAIA Secondary cover

This booklet provides guidance for teachers looking to develop and/or enhance their role as secondary assessment leaders.  Roles and responsibilities are outlined, particularly in relation to standardisation and moderation, tracking and target setting and useful prompts are given for evaluating how assessment is being used to support learning.

‘It’s been invaluable for me in helping to ensure students experience consistent assessment based on shared principles, no matter which subject they are studying.’  Secondary Assessment Leader

ISBN: 978-0-9550677-6-1 Format: Booklet

Assessment for Learning: A Guide to Good Practice for Teaching Assistants

AFL for teaching assistants

A booklet designed not only to inform and support teaching assistants (TAs), but also to be used as a reflective tool by them. So little practical material exists to help those supporting learning and development alongside teachers that the quality of this booklet makes it a ‘must’ for every TA.

‘We have some copies in school, but I’ve got my own now and I use it regularly to reflect on and improve what I do and how I do it.’ TA in a primary school

ISBN: 0-9550677-2-6 Format: Booklet

Managing Assessment for Learning

Managing front cover

A booklet to support the understanding, development and evaluation of assessment for learning, produced by AAIA members in the Midlands.

‘This booklet provided us with a clear framework for getting assessment back on track in the school.’ Head teacher of a primary school where assessment had been adversely criticised during an inspection

ISBN: 978-0-9550677-0-7 Format: Booklet

Guidelines for Assessment Leaders in Primary Schools


This booklet provides guidance for teachers looking to develop and/or enhance their role as primary assessment leaders. It identifies their responsibilities and those of their colleagues in relation to assessment, what they need to do and when in the academic year and it offers practical help with necessary liaison as well as monitoring and evaluating classroom practice.

 ‘Has boosted the confidence of our assessment leaders significantly and given a valuable steer for the development of quality practice in their schools.’ LA Senior Adviser

ISBN: 0-9550677-2-3 Format: Booklet

Assessment for Learning: A Guide for School Governors


A booklet written for school governors explaining the essential features of assessment for learning and answering questions such as ‘Why does AfL matter to children and their parents/carers ?’ ‘ How does AfL relate to end of year and end of key stage assessment?’ and ‘How will governors know that AfL is happening in school?’

‘Has helped to inform and enthuse us and also realise that understanding data is one thing, but responding to the questions it poses is quite another.’ Chair of governors, federation of infant and primary schools

ISBN: 978-9550677-2-3 Format: Booklet

Using Assessment for Enhancing Learning: a Practical Guide

AAIA Enhancing cover

The purpose of this new document is to outline how assessment can be used in schools to improve learning for all pupils and to provide a framework for school review and self-evaluation.

‘Packed with common sense guidance to help all the staff ensure that our assessment practice is “the business”!’  Assistant Head Teacher, Secondary School

ISBN: 978-0-9550677-5-4 Format: Booklet