Aims and Objectives

AAIA (Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment)


The aim of the Association is to promote pupil progress and achievement through best practice in assessment.


To advance educational practice and professional expertise in assessment:

  • by providing a forum for the exchange of views and the dissemination of ideas, for example through this website
  • by the publication of materials that exemplify effective assessment practice
  • through regional meetings and conferences which provide professional support for members and an opportunity to guide the work of the Executive
  • through national conferences which encourage debate, provide an opportunity to share ideas and explore recent developments in assessment

To develop a professional response to educational issues involving assessment:

  • through formal and informal meetings with governmental and non-governmental departments and bodies , other national organisations, professional associations and educational establishments
  • through working groups of members that address specific issues or areas of work
  • by nominating representatives to attend key seminars and conferences concerned with assessment issues
  • by responding to national consultations and reviews