AAIA's 2019 Annual Conference

Bournemouth Highcliff Hotel

3rd-5th October 2019

"Focusing Assessment on What  Matters"


The AAIA annual 3 Day Conference sought to engage delegates in reflecting upon the use of highly principled assessment practice that most effectively promotes learning in our schools.  The second day was  open to non-members.

AAIA’s 29th Annual Conference Programme 2019

Videos and PPTs from all keynote speakers as well as officers’ reports from the AGM are available in the members’ area.

The first keyynote speaker was James Pembroke, data analyst and adviser who gave a challenging address entitled Why don’t you stop making up data to keep others happy and do something more useful instead?

Paul Newton, Research Chair at Qfqual spoke about how we understand and misunderstand the process of assessment in Threats to assessing what matters.

The final keynote of the first day was delivered by Phil Minns HMI, Ofsted Specialist Advisor, Early years and primary, who spoke about Assessment in the Early Years and Primary: an Ofsted perspective.

The first keynote speaker on day 2 was Tom Sherrington, former teacher, head teacher and currently education consultant and author speaking about Keeping it Real: Authentic Assessment and Why It Matters.  

The next keynote was delivered by Michael Rosen, children’s novelist, poet, author of 140 books, broascaster and political columnist.  His presenation Education Today – A personal view enteratined but more importantly challenged delegates.

The afternoon session Feedback – What Works and Why was delivered by Shirely Clarke, international freelance consultant, trainer, researcher and writer, an old friend of AAIA.

Richard Blakeley delivered the final keynote on day 3 of a very successful conference talking about Engaging Everyone in Assessment, drawing on his experience as head teacher of Parkfields Primary School.  He is now head teacher of Harlands Primary School, East Sussex.