Primary school assessment and accountability – England

(See also: England (KS1 and KS2 statutory assessment)STA updates 2017-2018) and Primary assessment announcements – 14 September 2017)

DfE/STA – Measuring progress in primary schools: update published April 2018 (following Government response to Primary Assessment consultation published September 2017).

DfE – Primary school accountability (updated 20 December 2017) including definition of coasting schools.

DfE – Primary school performance tables: 2017.

DfE – School and college performance tables 2017: statements of intent.

STA – Scaled scores at key stage 2 (updated 4 July 2017).

STA – 2017 key stage 2 scaled score conversion tables (4 July 2017).

Primary assessment in England – consultation (2017)

DfE/STA – Commission on Assessment Without Levels: final report.

DfE/STA – Commission on Assessment Without Levels: government response.

STA – Sample questions, mark schemes and commentary for the new key stage 1 and key stage 2 national curriculum tests (updated 6 June 2017).

Ofsted – Letter from HMCI to schools (July2014) containing information about inspections following the removal of National Curriculum levels.

Ofsted – Note for inspectors: use of assessment information during inspections in 2014/15.

DfE – DfE Assessment Principles.

DfE – National curriculum and assessment: information for schools.

DfE – National curriculum assessments: test frameworks.

NAHT – Report of the NAHT Commision on Assessment February 2014.

National Curriculum from 2014

GOV.UK – Primary National Curriculum in England.

 National Curriculum Review – Expert Panel and other reports

DfE publications – The Framework for the National Curriculum – A report by the Expert Panel for the National Curriculum review.

GOV.UK – Review of the National Curriculum in England: Summary report of the call for evidence.

DfE publications – Review of the National Curriculum in England: Report on subject breadth in international jurisdictions.

DfE publications – Review of the National Curriculum in England: What can we learn from the English, mathematics and science curricula of high-performing jurisdictions?

DfE news – Written Ministerial Statement on the National Curriculum Review.

Press coverage

BBC News Education – Primary school tests to be toughened, says minister.

The Telegraph – Four-year-olds to be tested within days of starting school.

Guardian Education – Schools will be allowed to test four-year-olds from 2016, government confirms.

TES News – Tests for four-year-olds to be introduced by 2016.

BBC News Education – Primary pupils in England could be ranked nationally at 11.

The Telegraph – Parents want their primary-age children to be ranked, ministers say.

Guardian Education – Primary school tests: Nick Clegg denies schools will be ‘exam sausage factories’.

The Independent – Nick Clegg: Rank children aged 11 by ability to drive boost in primary school standards.


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