Assessment for Learning

Robin Alexander – The term ‘dialogic teaching’ is now in regular use but like all such terms means different things to different people. As developed by Robin Alexander since the early 2000s, […]

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education – A dialogue-based approach to the development of children’s thinking and learning.

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education – The Dialogic Teaching is Science Classrooms Project is a 2 year project exploring how talk with a teacher can help students to develop their understanding of […]

Education Week – For many years, I secretly worked on my research. I say “secretly” because, once upon a time, researchers simply published their research in professional journals—and there it stayed. […]

Exploring and Evidencing Mastery Learning – Children as the best advocates of their own learning. South West AAIA Conference 2015 – details and application form AAIA SW Mastery Dance Workshop […]

University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education – How the potential of digital technologies can best support improved assessment practices and preferred educational outcomes is becoming an issue of increasing […]