Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Really Learning – Chris Watkins’ plea for assessment for learning to mean active, collaborative, learner – driven, meta-cognitive learning.

Thousands of education videos from Teachers TV have been made available on the TES website for the first time. All 3,500 videos can be viewed for free on topics including […]

Carol Dweck’s work on self-theories and mindsets has much to contribute to our understanding of assessment for learning.  The following are links providing information about Carol Dweck, her work and […]

Dylan Wiliam’s website – including papers, publications, presentations and blog. Some papers by Dylan Wiliam: The meaning and consequences of educational assessment (conference presentation) – a keynote speech by Dylan […]

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The Assessment Reform Group (ARG) has been at the forefront of challenging thinking and practice in relation to all aspects of assessment, including assessment for learning.  Its aim has been […]

Assessment for learning booklets – follow this link to order Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam’s original booklet ‘Inside the Black Box’ and subsequent booklets exploring assessment for learning in specific […]

Shirley Clarke Education – follow this link for Shirley Clarke’s site containing details of courses, publications and other  information.