Conference 2015

Thursday 8th October

Phil Beach, Ofqual

Tim Bristow, Ofsted

Catherine Wreyford, DfE

Tim Coulson, Regional Schools Commissioner

(Scroll down for videos of the presentations.)

Friday 9th October

Jan Dubiel – Authentic Learning, Assessment and Progress

Jenny Short and Tim Sully – Harnessing the Freedoms of Life Without Levels

Sheringham Primary School – Assessing without levels in practice

Making progress and learning visible – Knebworth Primary School

(Scroll down for videos of the presentations.)

Reports presented at AGM:

President’s Annual Report 2015

Secretary’s Annual Report 2015

Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report 2015

Membership Secretary’s Annual Report 2015

Communications Officer’s Annual Report 2015

Saturday 10th October

Professor Jo-Anne Baird – Assessment & Learning without levels – removal of the state theory of learning

Warwick Mansell – An outsider’s view on assessment-related policymaking

(Scroll down for videos of the presentations.)




Speakers from Ofqual, Ofsted and DfE followed by Q&A

Tim Coulson

Jan Dubiel

Jenny Short and Tim Sully

Sheringham and Knebworth Schools

Jo-Anne Baird

Warwick Mansell

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