PISA Results 2018

03rd Dec 2019

OECD - PISA 2018 results.

OECD - United Kingdom overview.

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The GuardianBritish schoolchildren among least satisfied, says OECD report.

OECD - PISA Results 2018: Insights and interpretations.

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NFER - PISA 2018 National Reports.

DfE - PISA 2018: national report for England.

DoE - PISA 2018 Achievement of 15-year-olds in Northern Ireland.

Scottish Government - Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018: Highlights from Scotland’s results.

TESPisa 2018 results reveal a mixed picture for Scotland.

WalesOnline - New international Pisa schools tables show Wales remains behind other UK nations but is improving.