Unit 5 - Personal Reflection & Next Steps

Congratulations on completing Units 1 - 4.  For this final unit, we invite you to reflect on some key concepts and ideas that you have encountered during this course.  Please feel free to complete these reflections in anyway that suits your learning style.  You may wish to make notes or discuss with a colleague for example.

Activity 1 - Reflective Questions

Unit 2

What aspects of the Assessment Concept map are you most confident in applying?  Which require further research or development?

Were there any activities for formative, summative or periodic assessment in your school for which you weren’t able to identify the responsible colleague?

Unit 3

Which assessment practices in your school provide the greatest benefit to pupils’ learning and progression?  Are there any assessments you do in your school where the time and resource implications outweigh the benefits to pupils’ learning or the school?

How confident are you that the assessments carried out in your school provide the information that you are expecting them to?

Unit 4

Reflecting on the formative assessment strategies:

  • which are you most confident in using in the classroom?
  • which ones require more development?

Are there any colleagues or resources that you need to support you in developing your practice?

Activity 2 - Action Plan

Complete an action plan following your learning.  We recommend you identify no more than two aspects for the moment to focus on. Pick something you would like to develop further - this might be something related to your own classroom practice, your school's procedures or your own knowledge.  You may wish to use an action plan grid like this:


Activity 3 - Further Reading and Resources

We recommend the following to further your understanding of assessment in the classroom:


Shirley Clarke - Transforming Learning Through Formative Assessment

Dylan Wiliam



Black Box Series

Beyond the Black Box

Assessment Reform Group  The Assessment Reform Group (ARG) has been at the forefront of challenging thinking and practice in relation to all aspects of assessment, including assessment for learning.